Keromask_London+OutlineKeromask Camouflage Cream is considered to be one of the top performing cosmetic concealing creams world-wide.

Keromask was first developed during the late 1950s as an effective make-up to camouflage port wine stains and was recognized by the British Medical Association shortly afterwards. Keromask remains one of the few brands listed by the National Health Service as an effective solution for the 1 in 4 people in the UK who live with a skin condition.

A new field of remedial camouflage was emerging and Keromask was fast becoming a successful and vital cosmetic cover cream that effectively camouflaged post-operative scars.


Through the decades, Keromask has helped many people restore confidence in their physical looks with the natural looking coverage it offers. The formulation has kept in step and carefully refined through the years to give the product even greater performance and wearability.

While there are a few “copy cat” imitations of Keromask Camouflage and Concealing Cream on the market today, none rival this unique British-made formulation that gives Keromask its hallmark ability to cover naturally and wear beautifully! Sometimes surgery for skin anomalies is not an option and ordinary foundations, concealers, and other types of camouflaging products can’t provide the kind of coverage that’s needed.

Keromask is imported and distributed through Beauty Cafe Imports in the US.