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Keromask Camouflage CreamKeromask Camouflage Cream – we’ve got you covered!

Keromask is an ultra-pigmented, highly concentrated, full coverage concealer developed by dermatologists and loved by Hollywood’s top makeup artists.

This easy to use formula is available in 25 shades, ensuring a perfect color match for all skin tones, including African-American, Hispanic, and Asian complexions.

Keromask allows you to get on with everyday life in comfort and confidence!

Photo by: Chris McDuffie for WarPaint International

Photo by: Chris McDuffie for WarPaint International

Serious skin irregularities can have a devastating effect on an individual’s morale and self-esteem. Keromask can be used for disguising a variety of common skin problems, large or small, such as:

Age spots • Acne marks and scars • Birthmarks • Broken capillaries • Bruises and Post-operative bruising • Burn Scars • Dark circles under the eyes • Eczema • Flushing • Moles • Permanent pigmentation problems • Port wine stains • Psoriasis • Rosacea • Scar discoloration • Tattoos • Temporary discoloration • Varicose veins • Vitiligo • And more…

Powerfully Concentrated
Just a small pin-drop of Keromask smoothed into a thin layer is sufficient coverage for most situations. However, in the case of very prominent discoloration, additional thinly applied layers of cream is more effective.

Keromask is water proof, smudge proof and heat resistant when used with the finishing powder and can be worn while swimming or playing sports. Just one application can last up to eight hours, providing you with effective coverage throughout your day. Also, make-up can be applied over a sealed area without disturbing it.

Keromask should never be applied on open lesions or unhealed scar tissue. Keromask is NOT TESTED on animals and does not contain animal derivatives. Keromask is Fragrance Free, Hypo-Allergenic and contains no sunscreen.

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 Photo Credit:

WarPaint International Beauty Agency 2016 Spring / Summer Trend Show
Model: Justina Proue
Makeup: Creative Director Jessica Mae
Hair: Artistic Director Benjamin Rodich
Makeup Assistant: Artisan Amber
Hair Assistant: Artisan Taylor
Photography: Chris McDuffie